Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Punjabi Poem

.. Near-Far..

So close you are
Like my body and soul
So far away I am
Like the desert from ocean..

So near I feel to you
Like mother to the child
So distant I am
Like the native land to migrant..

You are so near
As the flight is to the bird
As the drop is to the rain
As the greenery is to trees
As the awareness is to Buddha..

I am as far away
As the stars from the earth
As the water from the thirst
As the war from peace
As the pride from conscience..

Close to me you are
Far away I am to you..

On the same day
In a single meeting
In the same relationship
Occur so many paradoxes..

You and I - near and far
So close - so distant as well. .

By Parminder Sodhi

A Zen Saying..

Three hundred poems
come to one thing :
no evil..!