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Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Punjabi Poetry

The Dry Leaf

A Dry Leaf
Along the breeze...

Whither the dry leaf
It knows no hurry...

The dry leaf
Will softly descend
On the bosom of the river
The river also is in no hurry
To join the sea...

The dry leaf
Will quietly descend
On the body of the trodden path
The path is in no hurry
To reach its destination...

The dry leaf
Along the breeze..

Whither the dry leaf
It knows no hurry...

The dry leaf
Has memories infinite
Of green trees
Of fragrant flowers
Of melodious birds...

The dry leafs mind
However knows no burden...

It falls
with the breeze...

The dry leaf observes
The fresh sprung grasses
The brand-new green nature

Its mind however
Is free of burden
For the dry leaf is
An intuitive knower...

The dry leaf is
The Buddha incarnate...

In the dry leaf
Will merge one day
All these
Oceans and
Busy pathways...

Whither the dry leaf !
It knows no hurry
This dry leaf...

A Punjabi Poem


Paper sails...
They pull boats along
Towards fire islands
Lost in a misty haze..

New Punjabi Poetry


Bird it was not,neither the waves
Nor a ray,nor an echo
In the still waters of twilight
Dropped just a dry leaf..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Punjabi Poem ( English Translation )


I speak
To creat some forms
Out of that dense mist
That forms my inner space..

I listen
To seek assuranance
Of the reality
Of my brittle existence..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Punjabi Poem

..Boats and Pebbles..

Like a boat
You float
Along the current of mind..

Like the reeds
Along the bank
I watch you flow..

Over me surges
A wave of tenderness
To flow beyond..

Towards the oceans
Toward the future
Toward the unknown..

And bright glow the pebbles
Strewn all around me
Of gravelly relationships..

Bright-ever more bright
In the pride of their concreteness..

By Parminder Sodhi

Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Punjabi Poem

.. Near-Far..

So close you are
Like my body and soul
So far away I am
Like the desert from ocean..

So near I feel to you
Like mother to the child
So distant I am
Like the native land to migrant..

You are so near
As the flight is to the bird
As the drop is to the rain
As the greenery is to trees
As the awareness is to Buddha..

I am as far away
As the stars from the earth
As the water from the thirst
As the war from peace
As the pride from conscience..

Close to me you are
Far away I am to you..

On the same day
In a single meeting
In the same relationship
Occur so many paradoxes..

You and I - near and far
So close - so distant as well. .

By Parminder Sodhi